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Health Care Equipments

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Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus Massager TQ-Z06

Designed as an intelligent single-chip microcomputer, TIENS Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus can balance our wellbeing, by adjusting the body's bioelectric activity to ... The function of vibration massage is to offer a delight sense of comfort while adjusting head electric potential, relieving fatigue and improving memory.
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Tiens Accupoint treasure TQ - Z05

This product according to the principle of Chinese ancient Chinese medicine acupuncture, scraping and plum blossom needle, combined with digitalfrequency pulse, the use of electromagnetic energy to dredge main and collateral channels to the human body, physical therapy and health care efficacy.
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Tiens Health Mattress (Small) TQ-Z11

Based on traditional Chinese medicine, Tiens Health Mattress, ended with Tiens Energy Stars and added with anionic fiber and natural bamboo charcoal fiber, can greatly release three main energy factors, i.e. magnetic energy far infrared rays and anions, and property supply magnetic energy, electric energy and oxygen to human body, so as to eliminate chronic fatigue and enhance vitality during steeping.
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Tiens Source of Health Hyper-H Health Cup

TIENS Source of Health Hyper-H Health Cup, equipped with a microcomputer intelligent MCU control chip, amplifies the electric circuit and the electrolytic mesh of titanium-white gold. The Cup supplies electricity to both ends of the electrolytic strip which electrolytes aqueous medium to produce water rich in hydrogen
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